. Wednesday, 12 June 2019 .
The first week of May was a bit hectic for us with furniture and home bits and pieces being delivered so I didn't take many photos. Although I did get this little snap of some 'new home' cards that we'd received from family and friends.

Hakuna Matata print from DESENIO | Poison apple mug from Disney Store (now unavailable)

We managed to fit in a date night to Bella Italia. I wanted to try the new veganised Marco Polo pasta dish which has been my favourite for years and I thought it was so cool I could now order it with vegan duck instead of the real deal and it was so good. It was our 4 year anniversary a few days beforehand so this timed well as somebody may have forgotten about it. (Hint: it wasn't me).

Exhibit A: proof that cats will sit anywhere and find anything comfortable

Impromptu lunch at Buddies with my friend Samantha. Buddies is probably the best thing about Northampton except they deprived us of the huge hamburger heaven menu for months. Also, bring back the Trivial Pursuit cards please...

Exhibit B: Cat also disapproves of how Cersei Lannister meets her end
I'm a bit confused about how I feel about the last series of Game of Thrones. The Battle of the Winterfell was insane and I loved how Arya was who killed the Night King - didn't see that coming at all. I predicted Daenerys wasn't going to survive the series and let's not talk about the rest of the storyline... Also, sorry not sorry about the spoilers. If you haven't seen GOT yet then WHAT R U DOIN'???

This day was probably one of the nicest of the month. I worked a really early four hour shift and then we visited Hamerton Zoo Park which is a small zoo not far from where we live. Charlie and I haven't been to a zoo or safari together before and we're trying to diversify our days out as generally we just either go shopping or for food. It was a really nice zoo and only cost £15 per adult to get in. They had tigers, cheetahs, loads of different species of birds, wallabies, meerkats, servals, lynxes, and lots of others animals. It would be a really nice day date or if you've got little ones, there was a big outdoor play area.

After the zoo, we went to IKEA and bought more furniture for our bedroom and lounge. By this point I hadn't even felt like I'd been to work that day. I love days like that as you feel so much more productive!

Bedroom progress pic with our assembled IKEA purchases. Rug from Wayfair | Bedding and cushion from Primark (now unavailable) | Mirror from The Range 

Ended the month with a Nando's. The greens and grains side dish is a game changer. Does anyone know if the avocado dressing is available to buy or how I can make it at home?? What's your Nando's order? I get sweet potato and butternut squash wrap medium spice with extra pineapple, peri peri chips, and either coleslaw or grains and greens. 


. Thursday, 16 May 2019 .
I've always admired Chloe Plumstead's written and visual content. Recently I've felt inspired by her 'my life in photos' blog series. Similarly seen on What Bekki Did by Bekki Ramsay.
I have decided to start a series of blog posts to document the images from my camera roll that didn't quite make the Instagram cut. (Tbh, I can't think why 5784375 pictures of my cat isn't top quality instagram content?!) I also think this will be a nice way to stop pictures being stuck in my phone as let's face it, nobody actually orders 6x4 prints of their snaps anymore.

April was a bit of a mad month for me. On April Fool's Day I had no intention of moving out anytime soon, but four weeks later I had a sofa, a bed, a mirror, and several other things on order. But for now have an adorable photo of my cat Bambi.


Charlie and I managed to get ourselves up and dressed early enough to go out for breakfast at Frankie & Benny's (we are NOT morning people). I had an emsemble of an egg, hash brown, and bacon roll with some cute cubed herby potatoes - there were more, I'd eaten half before snapping a pic.

 My friend Bryony and I went to Birmingham to see the new Primark and of course I needed to document the Disney section.

Went for a walk round the park with my family and saw some ducklings and this really sad looking tree.

Fell in love with this crushed velvet pink sofa at British Heart Foundation furniture shop but unfortunately low ceilings and narrow doorways meant that it was not meant to be *sad face emoji*

Celebrated my friend Samantha's 23rd birthday.

Visited the Harry Potter Studios Tour for the second time with my family to see the new Gringott's Bank exhibits. Also became the proud new owner of this jigsaw. Might do a full-length post on my experiences at the studios if anyone's interested?

Finished off the month with moving into our new flat, lots more pics of Bambi, a trip to IKEA, and an appreciation for my new swan & geese neighbours.


. Sunday, 19 August 2018 .

It's now the middle of August and the Autumn Winter season is right around the corner with stores across the high street launching their new season collections, I thought I'd do a little round-up of my favourite transitional pieces in stores at the moment. (The blue and monochromatic colour scheme was unintentional)

I've been loving prints this summer, especially stripes and I've also been dabbling a little more in mixing colours and steering away from all black outfits. Whilst I've been loving crop top season I cannot wait to get my extensive collection of boots out from the back of my cupboards!

My choices in this wishlist have surprised me as usually I've avoided blues (with the exception of a good pair of blue denim jeans) in my wardrobe - but I couldn't help myself with these great teddy coats from Topshop and New Look.

So, here are some of my favourite new-in pieces from the high street. Click below to shop.

spot print fluted ruffle hem trousers / leopard print button through jumpsuit / blue borg coat / white puffed sleeve sweater / plisse spot wrap midi dress / black crinkle effect ankle boots / blue teddy jacket / blue straight leg jeans / black chunky buckle boots / diagonal stripe dressanimal print jumpsuit / burgundy borg jacket

. Wednesday, 18 July 2018 .

Last week I graduated with a 2:1 Honours degree in Fashion Promotion and Communication after three years at Solent University.

I don't think I've ever over-thought a handshake and walk so much in my life. Also, I don't think I've ever felt as proud of myself as I did that day.

University has been the hardest thing I've done so far in my life and a real test of character. In three years I have grown so much as a person, gained a great deal of confidence, travelled to and explored Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington D.C., made some great memories with great people, and discovered a career that I want to spend my life doing.

Apart from the 5am alarm, sitting in the Guildhall in a jumpsuit and gown with no air-con for two hours, driving a total of 240 miles in 30 degree heat, and pre-graduation nerves, it was a great day. 

Topped off with free Pimm's and a trip to Turtle Bay afterwards!

Now I'm so excited to get out into the big world of work and start taking steps towards my dream career of being a fashion buyer.

Congratulations Fashion Promotion and Communication class of 2018, we all deserve this!!


. Friday, 23 March 2018 .

Shop the post:

Historically my wardrobe has consisted of three colours: black, white, and grey. However I've been very inspired recently by the likes of Helen Anderson and Megan Ellaby to inject more colour into my wardrobe and be more daring with colour and print. Throwback to 2014 and a typical outfit for me at college would have been high waisted black skinny jeans from Primark, heeled Chelsea boots, and a plain crop top of some description. Don't get me wrong, I still love my skinny jeans, chunky boots, and crops, but I am discovering that you just can't go wrong with a splash of colour every now and then.

You could create so many great outfits with the pieces in this post. How cute and retro-inspired is the pink polka dot t-shirt from Zara?! Similarly I need the pair of washed black yellow stripe Jamie jeans in my life, like, now.

Love X

. Monday, 19 February 2018 .
I thought I'd share some instagram accounts that I've been loving recently, all of which have less than 5,000 followers. Basically a bunch of people whose instagram accounts I wished mine looked like. (The following list of people-you-need-to-follow-on-instagram-now is in no particular order)

1. I've been following Bekki on both twitter and instagram for a while now. As someone who studied a similar degree to myself, its interesting to follow other graduates and watch their post-grad life. This girl is so optimistic and positive and her tweets are full of girl boss attitude that I just love and find so motivating.

2. I am in loooove with Tasmine's colourful style. As a mainly monochrome gal myself, I am making more efforts to inject colour into my wardrobe and nothing is more inspiring than following stylish girls on social media who can pull off pretty much any colour combination.

3. I follow a lot of people studying creative fashion degrees. I find it motivating to see other people's creativity and ideas through their account. I'm also a fan of the subtle pink theme running through Polly's feed. (Fun fact: UCA fashion promo & imaging was one of my uni choices)

4. I love love love the colour coordination throughout Monika's account. Also I'm totally not (I am) jealous of the fact that she lives in Berlin and works in fashion buying. Not at all.

5. Number five had to be another fashion creative (are you surprised though? Probably not). I'm not usually a fan of the ol' white borders on photos anymore, but on Bibi's account it just works. I really love this girl's fashion style, more similar to my own than any of the other girls in this post.

. Wednesday, 22 November 2017 .
***Public service announcement*** - Missguided are doing 50% off everything (except sale) until midnight on Sunday 26th November! To share my excitement for this exciting but bank account damaging event, I decided to put together my top favourite items from the site. Click the links in the item descriptions to shop!

1) Monochrome roll neck jumper, now £12.50
3) Beige shawl collar midi coatnow £32.50

3) Pink jersey triangle bra, now £4.00

1) Black double western belt, now £7.50
2)  Green mermaid off duty mug, now £3.00
3) Love tshirtnow £6.00
4) Black city night tee, now £5.00

3) Not today thanks mug, now £5.00
4) Mug life mug, now £5.00

I hope you liked this little shopping edit. Let me know in the comments if you'd like to see more wishlist type posts in this format, also let me know if you ordered anything from MG with their Black Friday promotion!

To redeem the discount, use the code 'CYBER50' at the checkout.